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Warana Capital is a specialist capital provider to holders of illiquid fund related investments and offers a broad range of liquidity solutions. Our foundation has been, and continues to be, as one of the most active global buyers of small to medium size fund interests in the secondary market. Over the last 14 years we have evolved with the needs of the market to provide buy out solutions for last assets in funds, preferred equity solutions and working with both LPs and GPs to offer a variety of loan products.

Since 2010, our team has completed over 500 transactions via 10 vintages of discretionary funds and 15 co-investment and other follow on vehicles. We will review all transactions sizes and have a particular strength in hedge fund side pockets and liquidations, late life private equity funds and bespoke liquidity solutions to complex situations. We pride ourselves on our relationships and experience being able to navigate complicated situations. We have a track record of being incredibly efficient in managing the transfer process and being a good and constructive LP and lending counterparty.

Warana is an independent, management-owned investment advisor with offices in New York, Los Angeles, London and Sydney.

Secondary Fund

Secondary Funds

We have a 14-year track record of deploying capital in the illiquid fund secondary market. We raise private equity style vehicles that enable our funds to absorb the illiquidity of the underlying fund investments and await their natural conclusion. We have return targets that take into account the illiquidity we are assuming. We are value investors and largely focus on situations where the underlying assets have some form of fundamental, earnings-based or asset value to underpin valuations and expected recoveries.

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Structured Solutions

Warana seeks to be a flexible partner in providing capital to address the specific needs of borrowers— often situations where banks and other traditional financing providers will not or cannot go. We utilize the same approach to valuation as our buy side business– focusing on bottoms up fundamental analysis— to allow us optimal flexibility in determining which circumstances might fit our credit criteria.

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